Facts & Figures / Collaboration

The demand for dental care has come from the local community and the local government. The local government therefore has a major responsibility in this project. We, as an organization partnered with the University of Nairobi. They will send teachers and students who will work in the mobile dental program and stationary dental clinic in Mwatate Sub District Hospital. The fact that dental care is really necessary is proven by the following facts:

  • Kenya has 42 million inhabitants,
  • and 1000 dentists
  • This is a density of 1:42,000 -> WHO recommends a density of f 1:7000
  • 80% of those 1,000 dentists are practising in larger cities, not the rural areas

Kenya is training annually:

  • 60 dentists
  • 100 community oral health officers
  •  70 dental technicians

Help is certainly needed:

  • 23.9% of children under 15 suffer from dental caries
  • 3 to 4 children under 15 suffer from gum problems
  • 41.4% of children under 15 years suffer from fluorosis


The Kenyan government has commissioned a study in 2015 on the state of oral health in Kenya. Read the full report: