In practice

Each clinic will be held at a primary or secondary school, here the camp will be put up one day before the start of the clinic. The camp consists of two dental units, a tent for intake and dental check, a tent for scaling treatments, and a tent for sterilization of instruments.

The dental clinic will start in the morning with the education on dental hygiene by local “Oral Health Officers”. Each class of children, under the guidance of their teacher, will attend the intake tent for the general dental check. During this check it will show whether a following action is needed.

We distinguish four levels:

  1. No problem found during inspection, child may return to class.
  2. Dental scaling required, child goes to scaling tent.
  3. Extraction or filling required, child goes to Dental Unit.
  4. More invasive action required, child is referred to Mwatate Sub-District Hospital

In order to treat the referred patients, Dental Care Kenya has set up a dental clinic in Mwatate Sub-District Hospital. Patients with difficult and far-reaching interventions and treatments can be treated in this clinic. Also interventions which may be expected to need aftercare can be performed in the clinic.