Tsavo East and West

Tsavo East and West cover a total area of almost 8000 square miles of which Tsavo East takes up 4500 square miles.

In 1948 Tsavo East was founded and till today it’s the largest of all national parks in Kenya. This park preserves the authentic African wilderness for future generations. Not all of the park is open for tourism.

Large parts of the parks are dedicated as “Remote Animal Wilderness” where wildlife can retreat and stay well away from humans. But this leaves more then enough for people to discover.  Many years would be needed to explore every little part of these parks.

Some locations that are a “must see” are:

  • Galana River
  • Lugards falls
  • Crocodile point
  • Hippo point
  • Yatta Plateau
  • Aruba dam
  • Dika planes
  • Voi swamp area

Before the drought there were also water holes where animals could be found.

Tsavo East History Fact

In 1898, long before Tsavo became a National Park, two  male lions terrorized this area. They  killed an estimated 135 railway workers that were working on the Kenya-Uganda railway. These maneless Lions literally dragged people out of their tents no matter of all the precautions taken in advance, such as bomas.

For years people placed booby traps, pitfalls and other maneuvers but without any success. The lions were so illusive that the local people named them “Ghost”and “Darkness”. After a few years these brothers were finally killed by Lt. Col. John Henry Patterson, also author of the book “Man eaters of Tsavo”.

Even now, the fear for maneless Lions is still present amongst the local community. Descendants of these Lions are also maneless and carry a dark stripe along their back. They are larger than an average Lion and seem to know no fear of Humans.

Are they man-eaters also?   Who knows……..?